NVIDIA to Reveal More About Pascal Next Week

It’s taken quite long for NVIDIA and AMD to fully embrace 14/16nm process technology, and I bet many of you are anxious already to learn more about the new Pascal-based graphics cards. 

Earlier rumors indicated that NVIDIA would be launching their next-generation Pascal at the ComputeX 2016, and AMD would also officially unveil their Polaris models almost at the same time. But the VideoCardz has recently learned something differnt – NVIDIA is very likely to show off their GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 on the Editor’s Day which is only several days away.

According to their reliable sources, the event will take place next week in USA, with reviewers and technology enthusiasts invited. 

Pascal might be somewhere nearer than we expected, because NVIDIA announced their Maxwell GM204 back in 2014 just a week after the Editor’s Day. 

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