NVIDIA Denies Withdrawing From Virtual Reality Market

The gaming market is the only one that is still growing in the whole PC industry. With the commercial availability of HTC’s and Oculus’ VR glasses this year, the virtual reality (VR) gaming market is booming, which is an important opportunity for graphics cards providers. AMD and NVIDIA have been trying hard to enhance the VR experience by launching new GPUs – AMD is ambitious to bring premium VR experiences into the hands of millions of consumers with the newest Radeon RX 480, and NVIDIA has the stronger GeForce GTX 1080/1070.

Rumors have surfaced recently, saying that NVIDIA is withdrawing from the VR market, but the company has just officially denied about it.

Today NVIDIA’s general manager of China Zhang Jianzhong tweeted and called the rumors absolute nonsense. He said that NVIDIA’s Pascal-based GeForce GTX 1080 is capable of delivering the best ever VR gaming experience. All the VR configurations that Oculus has recommended include GeForce GTX GPUs, and VR Funhouse, the most immersive gaming title on HTC VIVE was developed by NVIDIA. The EPIC UE4 engine for VR gaming production has massively integrated NVIDIA GameWorks and VRWorks development kits. All of the above are strong evidences that VR, AI and self-driving technology are top priorities of Pascal architecture.

Considering the prospect of virtual reality, it’s impossible for NVIDIA to give up the cake. A recent report from International Data Corp indicated that the VR is expected to generate global hardware revenue of up to $2.3 billion this year. TheStreet commented that if NVIDIA grabs the chance, it’s very hopefully becoming a behemoth such as Apple.

You must have noticed that VR was the company’s key point at the GTX 1080 launch event. NVIDIA emphasized that GTX 1080 delivered twice VR performance compared with GTX Titan X, thanks to their new-generation VR technology, Simultaneous Multi-Projection, which will improve gaming and especially VR performance significantly. SMP is said to lift Multi-Res Shader performance by 40% and VR performance by 50%.

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