AMD’s Zen Chipset Reportedly Having Design Issues

AMD has been quite confident in its upcoming Zen processor, but some negative news have just surfaced about its chipsets which have been outsourced to Taiwan-based ASMedia Technology for R&D.

The chipsets are rumored to be having design issues over USB 3.1, which will increase motherboard companies’ costs by US2-5, reports Digitimes. Due to Zen chipsets’ design limitations, USB 3.1 transmission speeds drop dramatically as circuit distance increases, forcing PC and motherboard players to add additional retimer and redriver chips or even an independent USB 3.1 IC in order for the function to work properly. This has thus increase the maker’s costs.

AMD said it’s pleased that Zen is on track and will not comment on customer specific board-level solutions, and ASMedia denies about it and insists that its products’ signal, stability and compatability have all passed certification. 

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