Zen APU Gets Detailed, Coming in 2017

AMD announced its new Zen processors in early June, but it’s a mobile version based on the current architecture. Fudzilla has just got some exclusive information about Zen-based APUs which indicates that it will come with four Zen cores and Polaris graphics.

As we’ve reported, the desktop Zen comes first, followed by server, notebook and embedded parts. The new-generation APU will pack four Zen cores, each having 512KB cache and 8MB shared L3 cache. Zen APU will run on DDR4 up to 3200, and some versions will even feature Ecc memory support.

It’s impressive to learn the Zen APU graphics will have up to 11 GCN cores, making it close to a Polaris 10, RX 460 core but with less stream processors. 

The TDP is ranging between 45 and 65W for the socket AM4 version, while an embedded version will have a TDP as low as 12 to 45W. You can expect Zen APU to hit retail in 2017, but no exact date/month.

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