NVIDIA’s Next-Gen Volta Rumored to Stick With 16nm FinFET

28nm manufaturing process has been serving the graphics market for almost four and a half years since the end of 2011. This year NVIDIA has introduced 16nm based Pascal GPUs, and AMD has also shown off its 14nm Polaris. Both of them skipped the 20nm, and is probably skipping the 10nm as well, because the latest information indicates that Volta, NVIDIA’s next-generation GPU architecture, will stick with 16nm.

NVIDIA’s GPU roadmap revealed last year

The company introduced Volta at GTC 2013, which was a brand-new architecture to utilize Stacked DRAM, but the technology has already been realized by Pascal which was off the book in the first place. Volta is similar to Pascal in some ways, but obviously more powerful. Its theoretical performance is at least 1.5 times as that of Pascal.

As the successor of Pascal, Volta is expected to arrive in 2018, and will definitely use Stacked DRAM or something better. As for manufacturing process, Fudzilla says Volta is sticking with TSMC 16NM FinFET, and AMD’s new-generation Vega is still using 14nm technology.

If they’re right, then the GPU market is very likely to skip the 10nm. After all it’s a low-power process just like 20nm, so it’s more suitable for SoCs on smartphones, while the 7nm would be the performance king.

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