New Details of Zen Surface – Should Intel Worry?

AMD has showcased the Zen processor at Computex 2016, but we’ll have to wait till the end of year for the official launch. The good news is the Zen has entered engineering sampling stage, and someone close to the project has recently shared some details at AnAndtech forum. There will be two kind of packages: AM4 and SP3. 

L2/L3 variations: 2/8 MB, 4/16 MB, 8/32 MB, 12/64 MB, 16/64 MB (512kb L2/core, 8MB/4 cores)

Core counts are: 4c/8t, 8c/16t, 16c/32t, 32c/64t. There won’t be a 6c/12t at the launch. Later AMD might release a 6/12 version.

4 variants of ES Zen are available at the moment:
AM4 8 cores with 95W TDP
AM4 4 cores with 65W TDP
SP3 24 cores with 150W TDP
SP3 32 cores with 180W TDP

The exciting part is core clock. The 8c/95W variant’s base clock is 2.8GHz, and maximum boost is 3.2GHz. The idle clock is also low enough – AM4 versions can lower the clock to 550MHz, and SP3 is more impressive: it’s only 400MHz. 

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