First Benchmarks of AMD “Summit Ridge” Zen CPU Leaked

Rumor had it that AMD’s “Summit Ridge” Zen CPU would be postponed to next year, but it just won’t stop us from being cautious and digging more about it. The company has been trying to reassure everyone that Zen promises a 40 percent better IPC performance than its predecessor and they’re reclaiming the high-performance CPU market with it. Fortunately, an engineering sample of Zen has just been spotted in the Ashes of the Singularity benchmarks, which gives us a better idea of the 8-core processor, thanks to the WCCFTech website.

Last month AMD said Zen had entered the engineering sampling stage, and the two OPN model numbers leaked were 1D2801A2M88E4_32/28_N and 2D2801A2M88E4_32/28_N. The 32/28 stands for frequency, so the sample features clock speeds of 2.8GHz, with 3.2GHz boost. It’s unclear about the “1D” and “2D”, though.

The following are test results:

Intel Core i7-4790: 3.6-4.0GHz, 65.4fps

AMD Zen ES: 2.8-3.2GHz, 58fps

Intel Core i5-4670K: 3.4-3.8GHz, 52.6fps

AMD FX-8350: 4.0-4.2GHz, 42fps

Based on the Radeon RX 480 powered system, “Summit Ridge” sample provided 10 percent higher frame-rates than a Core i5-4670K, but was beaten by 12 percent by a Core i7-4790 running at 3.6GHz. However, if AMD could increase the clock speed of Zen to 4GHz on the final product, there’s still a great chance of winning Intel Core i7 processors.

But we don’t know for sure if 4GHz is achievable at all, considering the fact that Zen is built on GlobalFoundries 14nm LPP technology. 

Besides, even if AMD managed 4GHz, Zen would just win Haswell, but Intel is having faster Kaby Lake and 10nm Cannonlake (maybe only mobile version at launch) on the way. Anyway, it would be still a big challenge for AMD. 

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