AMD Zen Beats Intel’s Broadwell-E Thanks to GlobalFoundries

During the Intel Developer Forum, AMD has unveiled its Zen architecture and claimed that the new processor could be faster than Broadwell-E, Intel’s top central processor. GlobalFoundries, the foundry of AMD, fully deserves the honor as both AMD’s Zen chips and Polaris graphics processors are being made at its Fab 8, according to what AMD spokesman Drew Prairie told TimesUion.

“It is the powerful combination of AMD’s design expertise and GlobalFoundries’ (14 nanometer) technology that allows Zen to deliver a landmark increase in processor performance over previous generations,” Fab 8 general manager Thomas Caulfield said.

It means a lot to GlobalFoundries indeed, because it’s been lagging behind Intel in the manufacturing process since the spin-off from AMD in 2009. “Fortunately” Intel has come across some issues on 14nm process, which results in the prolonged upgrade circile. At the same time, GlobalFoundries has wisely given up its own 14nm-XM technology and purchased Samsung’s 14nm FinFET technology on which Fab 8 is manufacturing with so as to keep pace with Intel.

AMD is sure to benefit from the maturation of GlobalFoundries’ 14nm process, and is able to, for the first time, challenge or even beat Intel’s chips. 

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