MSI’s VR One Backpack PC Gets Detailed

MSI showcased its VR One backpack PC, which straps the rig to the wearer’s back, at the Computex 2016. We’ve just learned that the PC will become available in October for NT$69900 (about U$2195), with its graphics card upgraded to Pascal-based GeForce GTX 1070.

Backed by a hot-swappable battery, VR One is actually a tetherless PC specially for VR experiences. The device weighs just 3.6kg (2.2kg without battery), making itself the lightest device of this kind. It packs two batteries which provide at least 1.5 hours of battery life. The VR One would be powered by faster GeForce GTX 1070, instead of GTX 980 as it was showcased in June.

The VR One is going to hit retail next month, and do not expect it to be cheap.

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