Zen Based Notebooks to Hit Stores in 2H 2017

It can be said with certainty that Intel is currently dominating the mobile processor market, especially the high-end segment, while the notebooks powered by AMD’s APUs are not so popular. Actually, AMD’s mobile CPU business has been lagging behind in the past a few years, but the chipmaker will hopefully turn the ship with the introduction of its Zen based processors.

The Wccftech has just been told that Zen based notebooks will hit stores sometime in the second half of 2017. According to the benchmarks revealed by the company, their 8-core Zen is as good as an Intel 8-core Broadwell-E. Of course the benchmark should be taken with a grain of salt, but if Zen does deliver strong performance near what they demonstrated, Zen would bring some meaningful changes to the company.

Intel would probably adjust the pricing policy for its offerings to stay competitive, but it’s such a large corporation that it doesn’t have as much flexibility in margins as AMD does. Anyway, consumers would definitely benefit from the healthy competition between both of them.

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