iPhone 7’s Lightning EarPods Not Working Properly Sometimes

Apple has removed the 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7, so you’ll have to either use wireless headphones or plug headphones into the Lightning port. However, it has not been working properly according to some users’ complaints. 

Some people have twittered that the EarPods could act up after you plug them into the iPhone 7’s Lightning port for a few minutes – you can’t turn up/down the volume, activate Siri, or answer calls. When asked about the issue by Business Insider, Apple said this problem would be fixed in an upcoming software update. For now, you can only unplug your EarPods and plug them in again to temporarily fix it.

I personally have not experienced the glitch with the Chinese version of iPhone 7, but every generation of iPhone usually has one bug or another when it first hits the shelves. Actually, the new iPhone 7 has also been reported with other issues such as hissing noises, connectivity issues after switching off airplane mode. Hopefully Apple will take care of them with a new software update sometime soon.

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