Intel’s Flagship Kaby Lake CPU Listed Online Already

Intel has announced its 7th generation processor Kaby Lake, but the first CPUs are designed for mobile devices, and we’ll have to wait till CES at least for the desktop version. It’s known that desktop flagship model would be Core i7-7700K, with a higher base clock of 4.2GHz and 95W TDP, which is expected to replace Core i7-6700K. The chip is actually listed in Europe already for €360.35.

Built on 14nm technology, Kaby Lake is more like an optimized version of Skylake, and expected to bring about 10% of performance enhancement thanks to its improved frequencies (boost clock of 4.5GHz).

Featuring 8MB of L3 cache, Core i7-7700K has an official part number of CM8067702868535. I’ll let you guys decide if the pricing is exaggerated or not.

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