Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL to be IP53 Rated

Samsung and Apple have equipped their new flagship smartphones with IP68 and IP67 dust and water resistance respectively. Google is following the step as well – its new handsets will have IP53 dust and water resistance, according to a recent post at Android Police.

The “3” in IP53 means Pixel series will not experience damaging water ingress when upright at an angle not to exceed 60 degrees from vertical while being sprayed by relatively low-pressure water. As for the “5” in IP53, it just means that while the phone isn’t “dustproof,” it’s basically impossible for dust to get in the device in such a way that it would cause harm.

Actually HTC 10 had this rating, but has not been marketed as being water-resistant. Maybe the company doesn’t consider it as a persuasive selling point.

Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL will launch on October 4th, and then we’ll see what a spark it is between HTC and google.

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