Qualcomm’s New Snapdragon Chip to be Built on 10nm Processing Node

Still remember the Snapdragon 810 overheating drama? Fortunately Qualcomm managed to win back its reputation last year with the custom-built Snapdragon 820 which has made its way to most Android flagship smartphones. Earlier this year Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 821 with higher clock speeds, but the real successor to Snapdragon 820 is slated for launch in early 2017. It will reportedly be known as Snapdragon 835 and built on Samsung’s 10nm manufacturing process.

The new Snapdragon SoC will feature 8GB of memory, eight custom Kyro CPU cores, and X16 LTE baseband.

Qualcomm is also looking to team up with Samsung for development of new Fan-out Panel Level Packaging (FOPLP). Just like TSMC’s InoFO WLP, the FOPLP would significantly improve systems-on-chip integration and also reduce the die size.

According to Samsung’s tradition, at least a half of the company’s Galaxy S8 scheduled for launch next year will utilize new-generation Snapdragon chip, while the others will be powered by Exynos 8895.


The iHS executive Kevin Wang has just confirmed at Weibo.com that Qualcomm’s new SoC will be named as Snapdragon 835, instead of Snapdragon 830 like we expected before.

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