Intel Building 14nm SoCs for Spreadtrum

Intel, who delivers the most advanced semiconductor manufacturing process on the planet, is making 14nm chips for Spreadtrum Communications with sample shipments starting in October.

Last year Spreadtrum CEO announced that they’re using Intel 14nm chips in 2016, and now they’re ready for sampling, so things must have been going well with the chip giant.

Digitimes has also pointed out that Spreadtrum’s 14nm chips will hopefully attract orders for Samsung’s mid-range smartphones for 2017. Don’t be surprised yet – Samsung has been an important client of Spreadtrum for a long time. 

On the other side, Spreadtrum will not give up TSMC. They’re still using the foundry’s 16nm and 28nm chips. As the first mobile SoC built on TSMC 16nm FFC technology, Spreadtrum SC9860 is expected to become available toward the end of this year.

Anyway, it’s a good start for Intel’s foundry business to have Spreadtrum onboard. Previously Intel introduced LG Electronics as the first company to use its 10nm process to build ARM-based mobile SoCs. Actually, LG had been developing ARM chips for a while, but the progress was kind of discouraging.

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