Two Leading US Carriers Halt Sales of Galaxy Note 7

It must have been the most difficult month for Samsung since its Galaxy Note 7 was first found exploding while in charge. We thought the company had thoroughly figured out the solution by replacing the involved models, and unfortunately, the explosion still happened – one of the replacements actually caught fire while powered down on a Boeing 737 Southwest Airlines flight. 

In consequence, AT&T and T-Mobile have suspended all replacements of affected devices and will stop all future sales of the said device. AT&T advises customers to either change defective Galaxy Note 7 for an alternative Samsung smartphone, or switch to a different make and model altogether if their faith in Samsung is beyond repair. T-Mobile promises a full refund as well if you’ve got a recalled or replaced Note 7. Besides, they’re giving Note 7 owners a $25 bill credit.

Anyway, however the final investigation turns out, Galaxy Note 7 is a totally failure, and Samsung has to pay a heavy price for the issue. 

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