Google’s Upcoming Smartwatches Pictured, Detailed

We’ve heard some rumors about Google building their own smartwatches, but we didn’t take it seriously until the AndroidPolice share a close look at the two Android Wear smartwatches, “Angelfish” and “Swordfish”.

Sound quite familiar, doesn’t it? Yes, Google’s latest smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL are also named by fish. Both smartwatches support Google Assistant, and are expected to be out in a few months.

As you can tell from the above image, Angelfish looks large, featuring a large crown button and two shoulder buttons. The author doesn’t think it would be compatible with Google MODE Android Wear watch bands. As a standalone smartwatch, Angelfish would pack LTE connectivity, GPS and heart rate sensor.

Swordfish is thinner and smaller and also lighter, and it’s believed to support MODE watch bands. Lacking of LTE or GPS (probably no heart rate sensor either), Swordfish is supposed to target at budget users. 

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