Zen Rumored to Feature Max Turbo Clock of 3600MHz

Although AMD’s CEO Lisa Su kept promising that its new Zen architecture would hit the desktop platform in this 4th quarter, the products are likely to come later than expected. Someone at the Anandtech forum who is familiar with AMD’s plan has just shared some details of Zen, including an 8-core version with max turbo clock of 3600MHz.

The first one is coming with a 3150MHz base clock, while the all-core turbo is 3300MHz. Just like the previous 8-core SKUs, the CPU still features a 95W TDP. The other SKU is a 4-core with AMD’s HT implementation – a 65W TDP and base clock of 2900MHz can be expected. All core turbo is 3100MHz, and max turbo is 3400MHz.

The retail version of AM4 motherboards are also under production. The whole platform will be ready for paper-launch at the end of the year with the commercial availability starting in February next year.

According to AMD’s presentation a few months ago, Zen managed to outperform Intel’s Broadwell-E at the same clocks. And the leaker at the forum has revealed that the performance of Zen will be around Haswell and Broadwell.

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