Google Reportedly Working on Another Standalone VR Headset

Google has been dedicated on the development of virtual reality devices – by now they’ve offered Google Cardboard, Google Daydream for different scenes. Engadget has recently reported that the tech giant is working on another high-end standalone headset that doesn’t require a computer or smartphone at all. 

Another highlight of the high-end headset is the integration of eye tracking. Movidius, the company that has been acquired by Intel, is providing chips that will aid in tracking motion and positional awareness. A recent post at The Drum also reveals that Mike Jazayeri was mentioned in the documents filed with the Federal Communications Commission regarding the testing of a prototype wireless virtual reality device. In case you don’t know, Jazayeri is a director of product management on the leadership team for Google’s group. The documents also suggest that the new device would feature a wide range of frequencies from 2.4GHz to 5.8GHz.

We don’t have any pictures or more reliable evidences of such a headset, but we do have faith in Google’s determination of enhancing its virtual reality efforts.

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