Pixel Phone Owners Receive Distorted Screenshots from iPhones

Although Android and iOS are totally different mobile operating systems, they wouldn’t stop users for both camps from communicating with each other. However, if you’re an owner of Google Pixel, you could probably have a problem when you get a screenshot from your friend who is using an iPhone 7 Plus.

Picture courtesy of AndroidPolice

Some people have been recently disccussing about the issue at the Google’s product forum – Pixel owners have received some distorted screenshots from the iPhone 7 Plus. The screenshots only get the dimension and color distortion when they’re taken from within an iPhone app, not on the iPhone’s homescreen. It’s interesting that the error doesn’t occur in reverse, with images sent from a Pixel to an iPhone.

This issue might have something to do with the way image processing is handled in the latest version of Android 7.1. Google support hasn’t given out any help on this, and didn’t mention when or if they will take care of it with a software update. 

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