Galaxy Note 7’s Aggressive Internal Design May Have Led to Explosions

With Samsung’s recall of all the Galaxy Note 7 due to the explosion issue, Samsung has had the worst time ever. The company’s profit dropped by a whopping 96% in the third quarter, and until now, it hasn’t announced the results of its investigation. However, the Instrumental has recently shared a research report, pointing out that the aggressive design is likely to be blamed. 

The smartphone manufacturers usually leave some percentage of ceiling above the battery (around 10%), but Samsung didn’t do that just because they wanted to push the boundaries to be innovative enough. The guys at Instrumental tore down a Galaxy Note 7 they’ve acquired, and found that the design can compress the battery even during normal operation. According to them, when the positive and negative layers touch, “the energy flowing goes directly into the electrolyte, heating it, which causes more energy to flow and more heat – it typically results in an explosion”. 

We’re not sure if the theory is true, but it sounds reasonable enough. Anyway, we still look forward to an official investigation report from Samsung, though we’re unlikely to get it. Whether they announce it or not, it does no good to its reputation.

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