Samsung to Reportedly Disable Galaxy Note 7 Next Month

The recall of Samsung Note 7 has not been going very well, and there’re still thousands of them out there. Last month Samsung began limiting Note 7s in the US, and it seems that the company decides to take a step further. 

According to a new post at The Verge, at least one Note 7 has received a note stating that, “As of December 15th, Samsung will modify the software to prevent the Galaxy Note 7 from charging. The phone will no longer work.” 

The company hasn’t confirmed about it, and we’re not sure if the Note 7 will be disabled across all the carriers in the US.

Samsung has placed restrictions before to stop the phone from charging past 60 percent, and a pop-up would appear whenever the screen was turned on, reminding the owner to return it.

Up to now Samsung still offers Note 7 owners the ability to return the phone and get full refund.

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