AMD First Demos Vega 10 GPU Equipped with 8GB of HBM2

AMD’s new-generation Zen architecture is going alive at the “New Horizon” event in just several hours, and it appears the company has much to offer up its sleeves. 

AMD has just demonstrated two systems powered by its Vega 10 GPU, which features 8GB of HBM 2, 512GB/s of memory bandwidth, and is expected to deliver twice gaming power compared to the Radeon RX 480.

In addition to the GPU specs, AMD has given us an early look of its actual performance by running Doom in Vulkan at 4K and DeepBench GEMM. The consumer-class Vega graphics card even managed to outperform a GeForce GTX 1080 running at 1911MHz by 10%. 

Picture courtesy of AnAndTech

AMD has announced its Radeon Instinct MI6, MI8 and MI25 accelerators, in which the MI25 achieves a 12.5 TERAFLOPS of single precision floating point compute. That’s 1.5 TERAFLOPS more than NVIDIA’s Tesla P100 accelerator, so we have to say Vega 10 delivers quite impressive performance, and AMD stands a good chance of reclaiming the performance throne with it.

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