More Than 2.7 Million Galaxy Note 7 Devices Returned

It has been more than two months since Samsung announced the recall of the Galaxy Note 7 for good, and the company has been even taking some steps to urge owners to take part in the refund program, such as limiting battery charge to 30 percent.

With less than two months on shelves, 3.06 million of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 were sold worldwide, and until December 11th, 2.7 million units had been returned. The return ratio is well above 90 percent in major markets like North America and Europe, but only 80 percent in South Korea. 

There’re still 300-400 thousand defective units out there, and I guess those want to keep it are real fans of Samsung? Anyway, we strongly suggest you to return it due to the potential danger. You can be never too careful, can’t you? Besides, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge is coming up. I’m just curious about how things will play out for the new device.

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