NVIDIA’s New Shield Android TV Gets Pictured

NVIDIA announced the Android TV set top box at GDC 2015, and launched its sale later that year. I can’t say it’s popular over here in China, but NVIDIA has no intention to give up the program. The AndroidPolice has just shared some pictures of the new Shield that the company is working on.

Different from the sleek design of the previous model, the refreshed Shield looks more clean-cut, and as you can tell, it lacks of a touchpad. The controller is re-organized, with the back & forward & Home buttons moved to just beneath the joysticks.

Additionally, the 2017 version of Shield is apparently coming available in two sizes. It’s still uncertain though what the difference between them.

We assume the new Shield will feature NVIDIA’s new Tegra Parker processor, and be based on the Pascal GPU architecture, which means 256 CUDA cores will be packed and may well outperform X1 by a wide margin.

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