Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Performance Leaked

Qualcomm revealed its new-generation flagship Snapdragon 835 processor built on 10nm manufacturing process less than two months ago, and the chip maker is set to showcase it at the upcoming CES event. The guys at VideoCardz has just leaked some details of the processor, including the self-developed Kyro 280 architecture, 20 percent of performance uplift, and 50 percent of efficiency reduction.

One of the key improvements is the upgrade to 10nm technology. Compared with Samsung’s 14nm LPP technology, the 10nm means smaller die size, lower power, and better battery life.

Expected to pack eight cores running at up to 2.45GHz and 2MB of L2 cache, the CPU brings 20% performance uplift over range of use cases such as app load time, web browsing, VR.

As for the power consumption, the Snapdragon 835 is 50% more efficient than 28nm Snapdragon 801. If compared with Snapdragon 820, it would be a 20% of decrease.

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