AMD Launches Countdown for Vega Architecture Preview

AMD and NVIDIA have both had a fruitful year of 2016. NVIDIA’s GPU market share seemed to decrease, but it did a great job in the mid-segment and high-end GPU market with the new-generation Pascal architecture. AMD truly needs something powerful to compete against Pascal, which would be Vega expected to be presented at CES 2017.

Vega performance got partially leaked at AMD’s New Horizon event last month, but the company focused more on the Ryzen and Radeon Instinct. CES 2017 sounds like a bigger stage for the consumer-class Vega, and AMD has recently tweeted that there’d be something big at the show.

AMD has even designed a countdown page for the Vega architecture preview, indicating that Vega is arriving in just two days.

The specs we can be sure about Vega are scarce – HBM 2, 8GB of video memory, and 512GB/s of memory bandwidth. Let’s stay tuned for more information later this week.

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