Intel’s Subsidiary Turning to TSMC for 10nm Chips?

In the last two years Intel has been lagging behind its own Tick-Tock strategy, with 14nm manufacturing process postponed by more than a year, and 10nm technology delayed to the second half of this year (other sources even suggest next year). 

Meanwhile, TSMC contributes greatly to the chipmaking market and its 10nm chip production was on track to kick off mass production in the fourth quarter of last year.

“TSMC will continue to gain full allocation of the next iPhone application processor [chips], namely A11, processed by 10-nanometer technology, as we believe TSMC’s 10-nanometer solutions are better [than its peers’] in terms of performance, power and area of silicon,” Daiwa Securities Co said in a client note last month. 

It’s quite interesting to notice that Altera, now a subsidiary of Intel, is also likely to turn to TSMC for the 10nm chips, according to a recent post at Taipei Times.

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