AMD: There’ll be More than One Ryzen SKU at Launch

AMD’s Ryzen processors are said to launch at GDC event next month, and Robert Hallock, an executive of AMD’s Global Technology & Marketing Department, has confirmed to RedGamingTech that there’ll be multiple Razeon CPUs available on launch. He also believes that as a gaming enthusiast, Ryzen is everything you’ll want.

Hallock mentioned that there will be more than one Ryzen SKU available at launch, and their base clockspeed for 8C16T/95W will be at least 3.4GHz.

AMD sounds reluctant to reveal more on the specs or benchmarks, and when asked about AMD’s take on pursuing performance for desktop/power users, he said,”I don’t really want to speculate on what the future holds, or might hold. It’s not fair to us, not fair to the reality of silicon development, and it’s not fair to users to set expectations that could change for any number of reasons. For now, I think Ryzen will reflect our commitment to bring a competitive (on multiple fronts) high-end desktop processor to market.”

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