Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 Tested by Basemark PAT

We’ve been using several benchmarks (usually software) to measure power consumption and performance of PC hardware. But we’re now having a better option – Basemark PAT. The power consumption can be recorded through a USB port in real time when you use it to test smartphones or tablets. It’s likely to enable you to test wearables in future such as smartwatches and Fitbits. VRWorld thinks highly of it, and gives it their 2016 Innovation Award.

However, there’s always a catch – the tool is priced at €995. You’ll get a PAT device, desktop software for Windows PC and high-quality USB cables. The machine measures only 63×88.5×27.5mm and weighs 68g without USB cables.

AnAndTech also grabs a sample of the ultimate benchmark tool, and here are some pictures from them.

Basemark also provides a software to help users analyse the data you get with the tool.

They also run PAT to compare two of the most popular phones on the market – Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

The PAT is officially listed for reservations, and expected to ship in the middle of April.

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