NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 Gets Reviewed

Performance & Power Consumption

Performance test

It’s surprising to see that GT 710 didn’t show as significant performance as the company claims – it even fell behind HD Graphics 530. But it’s also understanable, considering that HD Graphics 530 is built on Intel’s latest architecture and it supports DDR4-2133 memory.

Both of them failed to deliver fluent gaming experience, even with a medium quality set.

Power Consumption Test

Power consumption results

The power consumption of GT 710 is 5W higher than integrated graphics under standby state, and the same goes for Heaven 4.0. It only consumes 14W more during Furmark benchmark. It can concluded that we don’t see much difference in daily use.

Cooling performance test

It’s pointless to test the temperature of an integrated graphics, so we just show you that of GT 710.

Despite of passive cooling, GT 710 isn’t hot indeed, and it works quietly as well.

Overclocking test

We only increased the memory clock by 200MHz, to check out if too low memory clock would affect the performance. When overclocked to 1000MHz, the 3DMark 11 score increased slightly by 7%, from 1206 to 1291. So don’t get your hopes too high about the overclocking ability.

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